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Your Health and Adjustable Beds

Natural, Non-Surgical Options for Acid Reflux


Individuals looking for natural acid reflux relief should consider sleeping in an adjustable bed. Doctors routinely recommend sleeping with the torso raised for people who suffer from hiatal hernias, acid reflux and nighttime heartburn. Sleeping in an adjustable bed may help temporarily relieve symptoms by allowing you to raise the head of the bed to just the right position to allow gravity to help fight gastric reflux.


The Doctor's Verdict on Adjustables


Adjustable beds are akin to hospital beds which enable you to elevate your legs or upper body. "Patients I know who use them have conditions like hypertension, circulation problems, decubitus ulcers, or congestive heart failure, and they find it difficult to sleep on a flat bed," says Jeffrey K. Bergin, DC, dean at the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Ill.


Dean Bergin also says, "You can mimic the features of an adjustable bed by bolstering it with pillows. It's just easier to push a button." "If a special bed does allow elevation, that would be one scientific reason to recommend it." He says people with asthma, acid reflux disorder, heart failure, or chronic lung disease need to elevate the head of the bed.


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adjustable beds for back pain

Adjustable Beds assist in accessibility .

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An adjustable bed can drastically help reduce arthritis issues. These beds can be transformed into different sleep positions which will assist in comforting different joints of the body, ESPECIALLY the KNEES, HIPS and BACK!


Blood Circulation
Lower back pain can keep you tossing and turning. the correct position of an adjustable bed will help carry blood to the brain in turn you will achieve a deeper sleep. The Zero Gravity position will greatly help. 

Reduce Leg Swelling

Whether you're big and tall, petite, or even simply have high blood pressure, elevating your legs a slightly over your heart will help reduce swelling.


Get Out of Bed Easier

Adjustable beds can easily raise your back position to a level that makes it easier to get out of bed. The remote control allows you to lift your head without difficulty.


reduce back pain

Adjustable Beds are a wonder for a painful back throughout the night.

Lymphatic Stimulation (Massage)

To prevent disease we have to cleanse our body of toxins  and pollutants, and our circulatory system is our friend throughout that process. Simply put, the lymphatic system helps purify the blood of waste and toxins. The lymphatic system also pushes immune cells around the body to help defend against infections. Gravity plays an important role by helping with blood flow; it helps reduce the strain on the heart, like siphoning through a hose. Massage also stimulates the blood and lymph vessels.

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