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Our Adjustable Mattresses

We make our Spencer's Brand mattress right here in Ventura. An adjustable mattress is made so that it bends in the correct area while maintaining comfort and pressure relieving support. We use only the best ingredients and do not take short cuts. After all, you will be sleeping and sitting on your new mattress well over 8 hours a day. The better you sleep, the better your body will feel the next day. Please visit our factory showroom and see how comfortable you really can be.


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Special Medium Firm (made for adjustable beds)

The Orthopedic medium firm has over 312 fabric open coils that are designed to individually contour to the adjustable bed as well as your spine. The edge of the bed has extra support to make it easier to get in and out of bed. Just enough padding on top so that you feel the firm support without your pressure points being aggrivated. This mattres is the perfect feel.

TWIN...$485  TXL/FULL...$685  QUEEN...$785

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Orthopedic Firm

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Orthopedic Plush

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Orthopedic Luxury

Simulated pictures not actual mattress

TWIN...$785  FULL...$985  Queen...$1185

The Orthopedic is offered in three comfort levels. This model has over 680 fabric wrapped coils. The center of the mattress has added coils to give more support to the center of the body so you don't feel that sink-in feeling. The edge of the bed has extra support to make it easier to get in and out of bed.The top of the coil system is layered with the most durable support core.

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